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MizziSoft have been offering their expertise in Employee Scheduling, Time and Attendance and Efficient Rostering since 1992.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1992 by John Michael Mizzi, MizziSoft began operations with an enterprise automated workforce management system servicing the casino industry. After many successful implementations in casinos worldwide, MizziSoft began setting its sights to broaden its industry base. Within a few years MizziSoft implemented its systems in organisations within the airline, health and emergency services industries through its enterprise product range.

Today MizziSoft is looking to the Internet to reach a new client base through its web enabled workforce management by offering a very cost effective service. Equipped with knowhow and understanding gained from years of experience through its enterprise system, MizziSoft is confident that its web enabled workforce management system is the key for almost every small, medium and large business who wants to better manage their workforce and save on labour costs.

John and his teams are still developing new concepts that help companies become more efficient but still offering excellent service. Currently John resides in Malta where he heads the European Office.

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