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Easy Roster For Aviation

How WorkforceClouds is applied to the Aviation Industry Video Summary.

Effective and efficient rostering or resource management within an airport environment can be very time consuming and complicated, if not managed efficiently can be very costly to the bottom line. Wages is one of the biggest controllable expenses in the airline industry.

To understand your roster you need to know -

MizziSoft Easy Roster can help you understand these questions.

The Easy Roster application allows the user to set up the requirements for each aircraft type, using a number of variable parameters allows the user to cater for all potential variables. Then by importing the schedule (which represents the daily operational requirements) the system using the same parameters, is able to pinpoint aircraft and allocated the required number of resources. Identifying task time requirements, specific skills then building the tasks required to service each aircraft covering all the departments operation.

Then it becomes a simple process of identify the shift requirements, start /end time, duration and allocating tasks to shifts. The shift combination formulates the base roster. From this display the user can identify the best possible skill set combination.

Uploading a change of schedule, or playing with what if! Scenario's provides the management team and understanding of roster impacts. The Easy Roster system will provide good information to make good economical, viable decisions.

Matching employees to workload efficiently, reduces down time, minimise waste available work hours, is cost effective, improved productivity and customer service

Training staff in required skills, to suit the operation, ensures skill competency is maintained, increasing service delivery.

Our Experience In The Airline Industry

MizziSoft understands the complexities of rostering and resource management within an airline environment. Members of the MizziSoft team have been building roster for the airline industry for over fifteen years.

With this experience, airline knowledge, including customer feedback, the MizziSoft team has designed Easy Roster to simplify the process of roster building and resource management within the airline industry, with the potential to increase productivity and reduce weekly wage bill substantially.

Some current roster practices within the industry work in reverse order, Build a roster then fit the work load and operational demands to the roster, extending shift when required. These and similar roster practices and processes are inefficient and are costing the airlines $$$$$ in wages, productivity and impacting customer service.

Easy Roster understands that the airline industry is a dynamic workplace, and the aircraft schedule drives the workload demands. This is why Easy Roster has a Movement Management program which allows the business to download a schedule, modify the schedule if required to reflect actual or potential demands. The schedule will drive the resource requirements from which rosters are built.

Modified schedules allow for "what if" scenarios to understand the potential impact of proposed schedule changes or when seeking new business (ground handling contracts).

Easy Roster understands that potentially every aircraft may require a different set of resources and skill set to service the aircraft. Contributing factors include aircraft type, origin, destination, day of week time of day all of which can be a controlling factor when building "profiles".

We know that potentially the resources required for a short haul B737 service on Sunday 06:00 is different to a Monday 06:00 flight with business community preparing for the working week, Easy Roster can cater for these workload demand variances. Matching rosters to workload has to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the roster.

The Easy Roster system then matches the schedule to the profile parameters, from which the tasks required are identified and created. Then the processes of identifying the shifts required which will accommodate the tasks. The shifts then become the bases for the roster.

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