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Return On Investment Calculator

Average Yearly Salary:
Average Weekly Hours:
Number Of Employees:
Number Of Managers/Schedulers and Payroll Officers (Managers): Managers can focus on managing and building the business instead of wasting days doing the employee schedules.
Scheduler(s) Saved Time %: Due to automatic shift allocation, employee leave request through the web and better accurate reporting.
Savings On Scheduling, Leave Planning and Attendance Mistakes %: Elimination of Undertime. Reduced Overtime due to better planning. Leave Balances applied efficiently.
Increased Productivity Due To A Balanced Roster and better Time Management %: Efficiently granted Leave and Shift Requests make employees happier and more production. Easy Roster makes sure the employees have a good rest between shifts thus being more alert and productive during work hours.
Fat Reduction From Shifts %: By mapping all the work to tasks we can highlight all the fat in shifts and reduce it by generating dynamic shifts that match the actual work peaks. We can also use these metrics for Pattern Rosters where we can highlight their fat and our tools can help to make the work patterns much more efficient. Projects' Tasks can be monitored in real time thus quickly highlighting unproductive work that is taking much longer than the estimated tasks' time.
Savings Due To Improved Security %: Security Guards can use Easy Roster to monitor in real time who is swiping. Easy Roster can capture webcam images in real time for each swipe. If an employee is terminated or coming to work on an unscheduled day Easy Roster will raise the alarm bells thus saving any possible security breaches that can cost the company big money.
Improved Better Attendance Per Week Per Employee In Minutes: Once the employees know they are monitored attendance improves start and finish times and includes that breaks and smokos are not abused. Employees that do not swipe in or out because they are late are highlighted and automatic actions can be taken such as reducing some of the Annual Leave or Time In Lieu Balances.
Reduced Employees' Paperwork Savings In Minutes Per Week: Such as going to the rosterer to get the weekly roster details and submit paper leave requests instead of using the Web based Employee Kiosk from home.
Hosting Cost Per Employee Per Month: This cost varies depending on the number of employees and which modules you are using. Basic mode is less expensive than the advanced mode.

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